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Chinese product photography Tips: How to use lighting equipment correctly?

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Photography is light and shadow in love, clothing shooting is even more so, many people because they can not master the light and can not take a good picture. Many online sellers have posted pictures of their clothes on online forums, and we follow them to learn some tips.

Whether it is clothing online shop or wechat business, in order to win the favor of buyers, whether the baby photo is beautiful is very important.

For clothing sellers, the importance of clothing pictures and beautiful models for the online shop is self-evident, if there is no good pictures, even if the clothing style is beautiful, the quality is good, and the promotion means are good, the effect is still the same, can not sell. With the improvement of consumer identification ability, the role of models is gradually declining, and many consumers admit that the good-looking clothes worn by models are not necessarily good looking.

Figure 3: The position of the lighting center towards the center of the goods. The lighting is not evenly projected to the entire product, but is only aligned to the center of the product, so it causes the middle of the product to shine and the rest of the product to darken.

Figure 2: Using two flash lights, the result is that the mannequin creates two shadows on the background. This is caused by double-sided photometry.

Figure 1: Using only one flash. If only one flash is used, the light will be cast in only one direction, which will cause a distinct shadow on the opposite side of the illumination, and the part of the illumination that is not illuminated will be darkened. You can clearly see the shadow on the right.

The above set of photos are taken in the case of not mastering the appropriate product characteristics of the shooting skills, using common wrong shooting methods. Of course, these photos can also be photoshopped through software. However, this will inevitably lead to longer working hours, and it will be difficult to obtain high-quality photos. It's better to get the job done in the shooting phase than to fix it later.

This principle proves that the degree of attenuation of light is inversely proportional to the distance between the commodity and the lighting. In other words, if the distance is twice as far, the lighting light will be reduced to 1/4.

But in reality, flash with dimming function is very rare. If you can't adjust the intensity of the light, then you can try to change the distance between them and the product, so that one lamp is slightly closer to the product and the other lamp is slightly away from the product. In clothing shooting, this is the principle that the farther the lighting distance is, the weaker the lighting light is. This principle is only applicable to artificial lighting, for natural lighting, it is completely useless.

When lighting with different intensity is used in costume shooting, if the light of one lamp is very strong and the other is very weak, then the weaker lamp will not produce a shadow due to the strong light on the opposite side.

Tip: Use different distances to adjust the intensity of light

At this time, you can use a small lamp to fill the light remember to play on the leg, if the funds are limited, you can also use a reflector to reflect the light source to fill the light

The legs are not illuminated

Here is a supplement: the above shooting fill light is no problem for half of the clothing, but for the whole body shooting footsteps are still short of light. Because the legs are not polished, the lower legs appear much darker than the face and upper body.

When shooting clothes, you can try to adjust the Angle of the two flash lights for shooting: From the props of the clothing shooting, the position of the two flash lights is not symmetrical, one is located in the left front of the product, and the other is located in the right side of the product; The use of direct lighting, the coat itself is made of light-absorbing materials, only the use of direct lighting can truly reflect the texture of the product.

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